We're a dynamic german directing duo fueled by the creative synergy of Marius Becker and Philip Lück. Our fervor resides in crafting immersive digital experiences and pioneering visual solutions that resonate throughout the global landscape.

Drawing from a combined expertise exceeding 10+ years in CGI, photography and design, we present nimble and swift responses to the demands of the modern era. Our diverse background empowers us to venture across a broad spectrum of disciplines, ensuring a well-rounded and innovative approach.

At our core, we champion design as the driving force behind solutions that stand the test of time in our ever-evolving world. Our forte lies in delivering leading-edge digital experiences that cater to diverse industries and audiences on a global scale. Specializing in the dynamic crossroads of moving imagery and brand design, we curate compelling narratives that stay etched in minds and hearts alike.

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Found in Germany, operating world wide.
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