Combining interests in the different worlds of art, design and film, we are crafting moving imagery with a strong focus on contemporary aesthetics, poetic movement and love for the little things.

While drawing inspiration from nature, sports, photography and art, we blend those sources with our own technical and artistic process, leading to reimagined concepts and visuals loved by clients worldwide.

In collaboration with various international brands & partners, we produce eye catching visuals, with a strong narrative and unique aesthetics on a daily basis.

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Mariusz Becker & Philip Lück
Frankfurter Str. 75
51065 Cologne

+49 1523 668 27 17


We're always on the outlook for some creative minds, pushing the boundaries of the status quo.
Setting keyframes, crafting nodetrees or just checking in to say hi – don't hesitate reaching out.


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Adobe, Amazon, Apple, BMW, Conde Nast, DJI, Esteé Lauder, ESPN, Facebook, Genesis, Google, Häagen Dazs, Hublot, Maxon, Microsoft, N26, Nike, Oppo, Samsung, Spotify, Telekom, TicTac, VanMoof, Verizon, Vivo, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Xiaomi & many more.

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